Orchard Dale Elementary School

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Welcome to Orchard Dale!  Home of the Wildcats!  We want to hear you ROAR!!! Remember to Obey all Rules, Act Responsibly, and Respect Others!




Orchard Dale Team



Renee Mackay (Principal) – rmackay@ewcsd.org 

Nina Marquez         (Office Coordinator) – nmarquez@ewcsd.org

Pam Reyes               (Office Assistant) – preyes@ewcsd.org

Paula Wheeler       (Office Clerk) – pwheeler@ewcsd.org


Support Staff

Mariana Sansone (Intervention Specialist) – msansone@ewcsd.org

Teresa Eligio RN (Nurse) – telegio@ewcsd.org

Cathy Maiques     (Health Clerk) – cmaiques@ewcsd.org

Julie Aulisio           (Speech) – jaulisio@ewcsd.org

Rosie Anderson   (Psychologist) – randerson@ewcsd.org

Rosemary Oliva   (Counselor) – roliva@ewcsd.org

Celso Alhambra   (APE)calhambra@ewcsd.org

Valerie Acosta     (OT) – vacosta@ewcsd.org

Valerie Adams     (OT) – vadams@ewcsd.org


Special Education

Sue Baer – sbaer@ewcsd.org

Melissa Deligiannis – mdeligiannis@ewcsd.org

Alisa Harley – aharley@ewcsd.org 

Angelica Jimenez- ajimenez@ewcsd.org 


Transitional Kindergarten

Sheila Carrasco-Maldonado – smaldonado@ewcsd.org



Jamila Williams – jwilliams@ewcsd.org

Jennifer Witt – jwitt@ewcsd.org

Marianne Vosecky – mvosecky@ewcsd.org

Monica Stites – mstites@ewcsd.org


1st Grade

Berenice Hernandez – bhernandez@ewcsd.org

Connie Stone – cstone@ewcsd.org

Rocio Cervantes – rcervantes@ewcsd.org

Natalie Gallovich- ngallovich@ewcsd.org 



2nd Grade

Jennifer Ogdon – jogdon@ewcsd.org

Melissa Espino – mespino@ewcsd.org

Melissa Thompson – mthompson@ewcsd.org


3rd Grade

Joanna Padilla- jpadilla@ewcsd.org 

Patricia Green – pgreen@ewcsd.org

Rebel Murphy – rmurphy@ewcsd.org


4th Grade

Jason Cosgrove – jcosgrove@ewcsd.org

Michelle Barber – mbarber@ewcsd.org

Robert Closson – rclosson@ewcsd.org


5th Grade

Armando Ramirez - aramirez@ewcsd.org

Hector Mena – hmena@ewcsd.org

Susan Williams – srwilliams@ewcsd.org